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As of September 1, 2009, the Academic Health Center, the Office of Student Health Benefits, and Guardian Life Insurance Company have partnered to provide Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance coverage for eligible Academic Health Center students on the Twin Cities, Duluth, and Rochester campuses.

This coverage is not optional for students in qualifying programs.

Academic Health Center students, enrolled in a qualifying AHC program, will be automatically covered under a group Long Term Disability plan while a student. They will see a charge of $41.50—an average cost of $6.92 per month—for this coverage on their student account once at the beginning of each fall and spring semester. Payment of this fee for two consecutive semesters provides year around coverage until graduation from their program.

Plan Details

2013-2014 AHC Disability Insurance Plan (Quick Reference Chart) (PDF)

AHC students invest considerable time and money into their chosen profession. During a critical time in a student’s life, while attending the University of Minnesota, the rare occurrence of a disability could prove to be an extreme financial problem.

How does Long Term Disability insurance work for students? If, for example, a student develops a condition preventing the student from continuing their education, Long Term Disability insurance will offset the future income lost due to the student’s inability to practice in their chosen field up to the age they are eligible for Social Security benefits.

More importantly, upon graduation students will have the opportunity to convert to an individual Long Term Disability plan. This means students can obtain individual coverage that they own and take with them after they graduate. An estimated 30 percent of graduates applying for disability coverage will be rejected or be offered limited benefits due to a pre-existing condition, but University of Minnesota AHC students can enroll regardless of any pre-existing medical conditions. AHC Long Term Disability members have the opportunity to enroll in this post-graduation option 60 days prior to their graduation and up to 31 days after their group plan ends. Estimated monthly benefit amounts are listed by school in our brochure.

Guardian Long Term Disability Insurance FAQ
AHC Disability Insurance Plan At a Glance

Plan Representatives

For more information, or to schedule a meeting, contact one of your University-endorsed representatives:

Medical School:
Joe Barwick, 612-746-2264,
Donald Beattie, CFP®, 612-746-2218,
Matt Hermann, 612-746-2383,

School of Dentistry:
Dustin Peltier, 612-746-2348,

College of Veterinary Medicine:
Heather Bantle, 612-746-2339,

College of Pharmacy:
Dave Seidelmann, 612-746-2244,
Joy Sorensen Navarre, 612-746-2284,

College of Allied Health Professions:
Medical School:
School of Dentistry:
School of Nursing:
School of Public Health:
Pat Holmay, 612-746-2270,

Student Notices

02/06/14 Email: Protect your future—extend your disability benefits
10/24/13 Email: Continue Your Disability Insurance Coverage After Graduation
05/29/13 Email: College of Pharmacy - Take Action! Guaranteed Disability enrollment ends July 1
05/29/13 Email: College of Veterinary Medicine - Take Action! Guaranteed Disability enrollment ends July 1
05/29/13 Email: Medical School - Take Action! Guaranteed Disability enrollment ends July 1
05/29/13 Email: School of Dentistry - Take Action! Guaranteed Disability enrollment ends July 1
12/18/12 School of Dentistry - Extend Your Disability Coverage Benefits
12/18/12 Medical School - Extend Your Disability Coverage Benefits
12/18/12 School of Pharmacy - Extend Your Disability Coverage Benefits
12/18/12 Veterinary Medicine - Extend Your Disability Coverage Benefits
03/05/12 Email: Disability Coverage
12/08/11 Email: Disability Coverage

Financial Planning Seminars

University-endorsed financial planners host a series of financial planning seminars for Medical School students. Past videos are available here, with additional seminars to come.

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